How to Bring Your Personality to Your Photoshoot

When it comes to building your personal brand, personality is everything. Your personal brand is all about what makes you uniquely you, from your look to your skills to your interests to your background. Here are a few tools you can use to make sure the real you shines through in your photos!


Choose a color scheme


Strong visuals are so important when establishing your personal brand. Consider the styles and colors you’ve already implemented in your website and logo. Then, choose outfits and locations that will go along with that. Are you a creative, fun-loving graphic designer with a hint of whimsy? Consider implementing bright, contrasting colors throughout your photoshoot. Do you want your brand to come across as more sophisticated, professional, and modern? Consider a sleek monochromatic color palette. Then, make sure your clothing and makeup choices reflect that at your shoot.



Know your story


Your audience isn’t just interested in what you can do. They’re interested in who you are. They want to work with a confident, interesting person who’s easy to work with and knows who he or she is. They want to hire someone who offers something a little different than everyone else. Take some time to write down the story of who you are and what you bring to the table. As your photographer, we’ll want to know your story in advance so we can collaborate to achieve your vision.



Communicate your vision


Once you’ve thought about how you want your personal brand photos to turn out, express your thoughts! Tell us all about your vision during your consultation. Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off of us. We’ll collaborate creatively with you to make sure your photos turn out even better than you imagined.