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Hi! I’m Imran Abul Kashem

an award winning, acclaimed Melbourne Photographer.

Based in Werribee City Center, my team and I specialise in Headshots, Personal Branding, Corporate Imagery and Events. We are passionate about people… particularly faces and love nothing more than being able to capture people on film and create impactful images that boosts their personal image and their business brand.

We understand the impact a powerful headshot or corporate images can have, and we work with companies and entrepreneurs all across Melbourne providing them with the best possible images they can incorporate into their marketing material.



Whether you are the head of a large team or a young cadet just starting out, we can capture your personality and style in finely-tuned images that you will be proud to showcase within your brand presence both online and offline.

Our skills with the camera alongside our extensive experience working with both corporate brands and individual business owners, means we are able to provide a fast and efficient service, while not compromising on the end result.

Expertly Capture Your Brand’s Identity

My bio

Imran’s Bio

As a former journalist from Bangladesh, I found great inspiration in the everyday occurrences and lived experiences of the people around me. Journalism was a creative outlet that allowed me to listen to and share the stories of others. However, when I moved to Australia in 2008, I was confronted with a significant language barrier that made it challenging to effectively convey those narratives in an unfamiliar tongue. I felt that crucial details were being lost in translation.

To overcome this obstacle, I turned to the medium of photography as a way to communicate. It was a craft that had always piqued my interest, and picking up the camera again only served to intensify my passion for the art form. This led me to formally study photography at Melbourne Polytechnic, while also working on a variety of short-term and long-term photographic projects.

Throughout this journey, I have also established my own successful photography business, Westend Photography, working with both small businesses and large companies on corporate branding, personal branding, and individual headshots. I am proud to have carved out a respected place as an accomplished corporate photographer.

My experiences have proven that photography can be a powerful tool for communication, allowing me to share the stories and perspectives of diverse communities. I am passionate about using my craft to bridge cultural divides and celebrate the richness of human experience.

Career Highlights:

In 2017: I was awarded a Mobility Grant from the State Government of Victoria, which allowed me to travel to Japan and document the daily life and customs of the people there.
Also in 2017: I was nominated for the “Place Patterns” cultural development project presented by Wyndham City, with support from Creative Victoria. This endeavor resulted in a public exhibition called “Same/Different” in 2018, as well as a published book of the same name. “Same/Different” showcased my photographic investigation into the cultural habits of both new and old Australia.
In 2018: I had the privilege of participating in a seven-day storytelling workshop with renowned documentary photographer William Yang. This experience led to me presenting a projected photography performance called “The Story Only I Can Tell” alongside Yang at the Wyndham Cultural Centre.
In 2019: I was honored to be nominated as the Emerging Cultural Ambassador of Multicultural Arts Victoria, and also became the facilitator of photography at Saltwater Art Studio in Point Cook.
Also in 2019: I received a Wyndham Arts Assist grant from Multicultural Arts Victoria and Gandel Philanthropy to work on my “Green Wedge” project, which aims to capture the transformation of Werribee South as new residential development encroaches upon the existing farmland.
Established my own business, Westend Photography, working as an accomplished corporate photographer with small and large companies

my achivements

Awards, Grants, Exhibitions & Publications


Artistic Achievements and Exhibitions

Recipient of Wyndham Arts Assist Grant for ‘Green Wedge’ Project
‘New’ – Group exhibition and feature artist at Wyndham Art Gallery
‘Happy Travels’ – Travel Photography exhibition with Bill Strong at Emerge
Gallery at Old Shire Offices, Werribee
‘Green Wedge: Photographs of Werribee South’ – Book Published in October


Photography Awards and Exhibitions

Silver Distinction – Australian Professional Photography Awards – Travel Category
Silver Award – Victorian Professional Photography of the Year Awards – Travel Category
‘Life in Japan’ Images published in Capture Magazine ‘The Annual’ edition for the one of the best Travel photos in 2018
Group Exhibition – Inner Space Gallery, Prahran
Group Exhibition, ‘ Under the One Sky’ Book publication, St. Johns Street
Gallery, Prahran
‘Same/Different’ – Public exhibition, Wyndham Culture Centre as part of the ‘Place Patterns’ project


Grants, Exhibitions, and Publications

Mobility Grant – Victorian State Government
Group exhibition, B-Space Gallery, Fairfield, Melbourne
‘South Sudanese Traditional Wrestlers in Australia’ – Book published


Group Exhibitions in Melbourne

Group exhibition, B-Space Gallery, Fairfield, Melbourne
Group exhibition, The Salon at CCP, Melbourne


Group Exhibition in Shepparton

Group exhibition, Shepparton Art Gallery, Shepparton, Victoria


Research and Documentary Contribution

‘Australian Contribution To The Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971’ – Researcher and documentary team member of ‘Tahara (They)’




news about me

Media & Press

meet our team

Meet Our Photographers


Shamima Kuhu is a commercial and portrait photographer. Her work was published in Photo Vogue Italia and also has been named as one of the top 10 emerging portrait photographer of Australia in 2016. She is the co-founder of “Paparazzi.Melbourne”. Her photography brings the reality and creates an illusion in the mind of clients.


Julia Nagao is a Melbourne based freelance photographer who has a passion for capturing the individuality of her subjects, as well as those unmissable moments we all cherish. After completing her Diploma studies, she has worked in the photography industry for a number of years, and her experiences continue to fuel her love of the craft. While professionally trained in the technical components and postproduction, Julia’s style of work is all about capturing the mood or meaning behind the image. Part of this process involves getting to know her clients beforehand to ensure their needs are met, as well as gaining some insight into who they are, to capture their personalities to the best of her ability. Most importantly Julia emphasises the need to create a comfortable environment in which the clients feel that it is a safe space to be themselves.


Jordi Xavier Garcia is an award-winning photographer and has a strong commercial photography portfolio. He is a Gold Award winner and student of the year from AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). He completed the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging from Melbourne Polytechnic (Formal NMIT) and won the ‘Student of the Year’ award in his graduation ceremony.


Heather Dixon is specialised in pet and family photography with the occasional event thrown in for fun. She has a background in science and technology and loves to go on adventures, both big and small. She is a lifelong animal lover and owner and a proud step-parent of 2 boys. Her life revolves around kids, animals and photography! Capturing gorgeous shots of animals and families never gets old, and she especially loves those moments when the beautiful relationship between pets and their owners is evident.

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