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headshot photography testimonials
headshot photography testimonials
photography packages of Westend Photography
headshot photography testimonials

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Westend Photography has photography packages available to suit every requirement.

Whether you are a large corporation of 500 employees wanting corporate headshots, a small to medium business after team photos or you are an individual business owner looking to capture your unique personal branding, we are able to assist.

We have the capacity to capture you and/or your team no matter how big or small. Our portable studio allows us to come to you, or a location of your choosing, minimising the disruption to your day.

Click on the packages below to find out more about our photography services:

Expertly Capture Your Brand’s Identity


Our Services

Westend Photography has the most professional photographer in Melbourne and comes with a range of services to meet your photography needs. Our experienced photographer Werribee ensures high-quality results in every shoot. Here are the services we provide:

Headshots Photography

Our headshot photography service is ideal for professionals who want to update their social media profiles, online features, and website biographies. We focus on capturing your most attractive angles to give you polished and professional looks that act as a virtual handshake.

Personal Branding Photography

Personal branding photography helps you build a good online presence for entrepreneurs and business owners. We create images that reflect your personality and brand, which represent your best qualities and style.

Events Photography

We capture the special moments at your events, which ensures memories last a lifetime. Our photographers shoot corporate events, parties, and other gatherings. We are equipped with the quality photography gear to capture every significant detail.

Portrait Photography

Our portrait photography service captures your personality in a different way that catches the viewer’s attention easily. We work closely with individuals, couples, and families to take eye-catching portraits. Our sessions are friendly and enjoyable while capturing natural portrait beauty.

Commercial Photography

Westend Photography offers commercial photography services in Melbourne to showcase your products and services. We have the best photographer in Melbourne who knows the importance of high-quality visuals in marketing. They capture the inner details of your products, places, or food that attract viewers promptly.

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