Capture the Memories of your Corporate and Company Events

Don’t let your event pass by without capturing all the action and details with one of our event photography packages.

Events can be good for business. Capturing all the details on film can maximise your event exposure and allow you to share the fun with the rest of the world. Every party, every breakout session, every piece of collateral that you have carefully picked out to make your event special can be captured for use in a whole range of ways.

Impactful Images can play such an integral part of corporate marketing and event photography can bring a human element to your marketing that sells your story.

Event photography can:

  • Showcase the personality of your company
  • Capture awards ceremonies and milestone moments
  • Be repurposed many times over through marketing material and brand awareness

Whether it’s an annual business event, special celebration, product launch or trade exhibition, Westend Photography has the resources to capture all the details and deliver exceptional quality images of your event each and every time.

Large scale or intimate gatherings, we are equipped to handle your event no matter what size it is.

When photographing your event, we concentrate on the details and ensure we capture all the action as it happens. If there are particular shots you would like us to capture, let us know before the event and we can make sure we have you covered.

Event Photography: How it Works

Our event photography is based on the number of photographers and then consecutive hours of photographic coverage as outlined below:

Event Photography Call Out Fee – $145

Event Photography Coverage – $155 per hour

One professional photographer will be onsite photographing your event for the length of the event or during an agreed timeframe.

Additional Photographers – $195 per hour

If your event is particularly large and/or required more than one photographer to be onsite throughout the duration, a second photographer can be available to make sure all the action is covered.

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