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A professional headshot photograph tells a thousand words about yourself, from your confidence to professionalism. Not only that, a well-captured headshot can leave a long-lasting impression and open up new possibilities for you. Thus, sometimes a great difference can depend on the choice of the right headshot photographer.

Westend Photography come up with the best professional headshot services in Melbourne. Our extensive experience in photography services ensures you get the best results for your headshot images. We consider every single detail of the shoot and use the latest photography techniques and equipment to capture headshots.

As one of the reputed Melbourne professional headshots services providers, we believe that a good headshot can open a thousand new doors. That’s why we work closely with our clients to capture the perfect look. That’s why, Westend Photography has become a well-known name in the corporate and professional crowd.


Types of Headshot Photography

Headshot photography comes in different types to meet various professional and personal requirements. Here are some popular types of headshot photography:

Corporate headshots
Actor headshots
Model headshots
Formal headshots
Business headshots
Commercial headshot
Professional headshots
LinkedIn headshots
Social media headshots
Casual headshots
Environmental headshots
Outdoor headshots
Studio headshots
Character headshots
Black-and-white headshots
Creative headshots
Theatrical headshots
Colour headshots
Candid headshots
Realtor headshots

Who Needs?

Who Needs Professional Headshot Photography Service?

Professional headshot photography is increasingly popular with many people across different professions. This photography service gives a polished and professional image, which is valuable for various purposes and professions. Below are some people who can benefit from professional headshot photography.

Executives and Business Leaders

Executives and business leaders usually need corporate headshot photographs to show personalities and roles within the industry. These photographs are useful for their websites, annual reports, and speaking engagements, which help to present authority and competence to others.

Actors and Performers

Having a professional headshot is beneficial for actors who are trying out for roles or casting auditions. Headshot photos can help individuals stand out in themselves and highlight their different skills. In this way, actors and performers create a long-lasting first impression on the auditioner.

Models and Influencers

Models and influencers also require professional profile-sided headshots for their portfolios and social media profiles. These photographs represent their most attractive looks to attract potential audiences, which helps to build a strong personal brand.

Professionals and Job Seekers

As a jobseeker or professional, having LinkedIn profile and resume with professional headshots is essential. In that case, a polished headshot can build your professionalism, which is better for your job prospects. You can make good first impression on potential employers with great-looking headshots.

Authors and Speakers

Authors and speakers require professional headshots for their book covers, websites, and promotional brochures. This kind of image is utilized to build trust and resonate with various audiences. So, well-taken headshot can make huge difference to the impression of a person’s brand identity.

Real Estate Agents

The majority of real estate agents depend on headshots for their marketing materials and business. Real estate agents headshot photographs with approachability, confidence, and trustworthiness help build trust with potential clients and show their professionalism.

Consultants and Coaches

Consultants and coaches heavily rely on headshots for their websites, social media, and marketing materials. Well-lit and composed headshots help establish expertise and attract clients. Therefore, using a professional headshot can greatly impact the success of their business.

Entrepreneurs and Start-up Founders

Founders of new businesses will require professional headshots for presentation slides, online platforms, and media announcements. Start-up headshots help present the team member’s professionalism, friendliness, and competence. A good headshot typically is the first step for building a new brand.

Medical and Legal Professionals

Doctors and lawyers often choose to use professional headshots on their practice websites and business cards. Headshots blend with professionalism and approachability to build trust with patients and clients. A professional headshot is fundamental to building credibility in their fields.

Why Headshot?

Why is Professional Headshot Important for Personal Branding?

A professional headshot is more than a just simple image; it represents your personal brand visually. In that case, quality headshots help you catch attention in a crowded market by leaving a lasting impression, which makes you more memorable.

Since people often judge a personal brand based on visual impressions, an updated, polished headshot represents the professionalism and expertise. The use of a professional headshot photograph makes you stand out among other professionals.

Besides, professional headshot photographs can also strengthen your profile visibility on social media and professional networks. Thus, people are more likely to trust and engage with someone with professional appearance. So, a good headshot can be a valuable resource for anyone serious about their personal brand.

Headshot Package

What’s Included in Our Professional Headshot Service?

At Westend Photography, our headshot photographer Melbourne ensures you get the best possible service and results. Let’s take a look at what our Melbourne professional headshot service includes:

One professional headshot session – Either in the studio or out on location.
1 Outfit choice – Wear a top you feel presents you the best
Fully guided posing – We take all the guesswork out for you
Professional image retouching – To bring out your very best
An option of full colour or black and white
Formatted and ready for uploading to your chosen platform – Social Media, web, print


Headshot Portfolio

There is no doubt that Westend Photography has the most experienced and skilled headshot photographer Melbourne. Our portfolio speaks to our expertise in capturing professional and corporate headshots.


Our Pricing

Compared to others, we provide competitive pricing for our professional headshot photography services in Melbourne. Our packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Let’s look at our pricing table and choose one according to your preference.


Professional Headshot – $199+GST
Professional Headshots – $299+GST
Professional Headshots – $499+GST


4 to 9 People – $149+GST Per Person
10 to 19 People – $129+GST Per Person
20 to 25 People – $109+GST Per Person
26 or More People – Price on Application


1 Image – $45
3 Images – $105
10 Images – $405
11 or More Images – Price on Application

Why Us?

Why Choose Westend Photography for Your Headshot Photography?

There are many Melbourne corporate headshot photographers you’ll find, but only a few offer quality services, like Westend Photography. It is well-known for providing excellent headshot photography in Melbourne. Below are some strong reasons to choose us as your headshot photographer Melbourne:

Skilled Photographer

Our team is made up of professional headshot photographer Melbourne. They have years of experience capturing professional headshots Melbourne in different styles with high-quality photographic equipment. This makes you assured that you will get the best possible headshot photographs every time.

Quality Results

Westend Photography guarantees 100% satisfaction for the headshot photography service. Our professional headshot photographers are fully committed to capturing the best headshot images. Even if you are not completely satisfied with captured headshots, you will get a money-back guarantee.

Affordable Packages

We have different affordable packages to fit your budget. Westend Photography has options for everyone, whether you need simple headshots or more extensive sessions. Our quality headshot photography service in Melbourne is easily accessible to every class of people.

Good Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of Westend Photography. Our team provides outstanding services from start to finish of headshot photography sessions. We ensure an enjoyable and hassle free experience during the shoot. So, you can fully depend on us for the best corporate headshots Melbourne.

Trusted Brands

Brands That Trust Us

A good number of famous brands trust Westend Photography for their headshot photography projects. Our commitment to quality and professionalism makes us a number one choice. Below are some of our trusted brands.

Client Testimonials

What Clients Say About Our Services?

We appreciate the favourable comments from our happy clients. Below are a few of the comments they have left:

Imran’s photography is both stunning and unique and he is able to easily build rapport with clients to ensure a great result. Imran has a great sense of community goodwill, supporting many local community organisations and his work in the arts has a positive social impact.

Thank You Imran!

Lisa Field

I had an incredible experience working with Imran and I would highly recommend him and Westend Photography. It was a memorable experience at his studio but most importantly, the end result is the photo that I am proudly displaying on my actual profile. Thank you Imran for your patience, great sense of humour and miracle lenses. I wish you all the best.

Luciana Manrique

It is with much enthusiasm I write this testimonial for Imran at Westend Photography. Imran is truly a pleasure to work with. He is both personable and creative, making me feel happy and at ease in front of the camera, something I had not previously experienced. Imran produces photography of the highest quality which is proof of his talent and passion for his profession. I’d recommend him to anyone.
Thank You Imran!

Gavan Dougherty

Working with Imran was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend Westend Photography. Not having been in front of the camera in a studio setting before, it was quite daunting at first. But we sat and chatted about how the shoot will happen what sort of shots I wanted to see and just having Imran’s input made me feel at ease and supported in what I wanted to achieve and absolutely comfortable and confident we were going to achieve it.

Deborah Dickinson

The experience with Imran was exemplary, Imran took the time to make one comfortable with looking down a lens, which can be a little daunting to those, like me who are not used to being in the limelight as it were. Imran, by taking the time to make me feel comfortable with the shoot then was able to use his technical expertise to take some great shots, extract and instil my personality and ‘business ethics’ into the pictures.

Brian Duckworth

Booking Guide

How To Book?

Booking your headshot photography session with Westend Photography is simple and fast. You just have to follow some simple steps to book your professional headshot appointment in Melbourne.

1 Gather Key Details

Visit our website to see detailed information about our services. Browse through our plans and choose the plan that best suits your particular requirements. Our in-depth details about the plan will help you make an informed decision.

2 Complete the Questionnaire

You’ll need to fill out the form with the necessary details. When filling out the form, ensure you select the right photography service. This helps us understand your requirements better.

3 Select Date and Location

Select your preferred photography session date and location. We have flexible scheduling to work with your busy lifestyle. You should pick a time and location that suitable for headshot photography. In case you have any particular message, please let us know by writing on the “Your Message” section.

4 Receive Confirmation

Once you’ve submitted the form, we will contact you for further updates. Our team will confirm your booking and provide further details. Westend Photography is always here to ensure a smooth booking process.

Book Your Professional Headshot Session With Westend Photography!

Westend Photography comes up with the best headshot photography services in Melbourne. Our skilled photographers ensure you get the best quality images for your professional purposes. You can trust us to have professional image with eye-catching headshots.


Frequently Asked Questions

At Westend Photography, we are always prepared to provide you with all the necessary information. Below are some frequently asked questions to help you understand our services better.

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